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"The Essence of Spirituality"
a Day-Long Meditation & Inquiry Retreat
Sunday June 16, 2024

Photo of Don Oakey, Founding Director of Well Being Retreat Center, Tazewell, TN

Well Being Retreat Center is offering a day-long retreat entitled "The Essence of Spirituality." The retreat will be led by Don Oakley, the Founding Director of Well Being Retreat Center and by Patty Bottari, a Director of Well Being Foundation and longtime employee and student of both Adyashanti and Byron Katie. Samples of Don's teachings may be found on InstagramYouTube and on TikToc.


Don has published two books: "It's Time To Wake Up Now: The Top Tens Myths that Can Hijack Spiritual Awakening" and "Empty Wisdom: The Subtle Art of Discovering What You Already Are."

Photo of Patty Bottari, a Director of Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN

The Essence of Spirituality is to discover - for yourself - what is living this life. We can easily name things that we do , but if we don't know who it is that is doing all these things, it begs the questions: "Who is all this activity really for?"  This essence has been called by many names (me, spirit, soul, True Nature and so on). The name we give is not important, but the first hand encounter with that  will be surprising and life-changing. 



This in-person Retreat will be from 9:30 am EST until 5:30 pm EST. No previous experience with meditation is required. The program will be non-denominational, but will be based on what is at the core of all spiritual and religious traditions. It will be exploratory rather than instructive; a direct pointing rather than talking about it.

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Cost: $65 registration fee including a delicious lunch. 

To register for this retreat, please use the form below. Your registration will be completed with your payment.

After you have "Previewed" your Registration form, scroll again to bottom of page to "Submit" your registration. You will then be directed to make our payment.

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All sessions for this event will be held indoors at the main Conference Building.


A freshly prepared Lunch will be served. It will be gluten-free, non-vegetarian with a vegetarian option. Coffee, teas and snacks will be available throughout the day.


During the break after lunch, you are free to explore the 160 acres of Well Being Retreat Center, the 2 1/2 miles along the Powell Rover frontage, walk the Labyrinth, hike the 2 miles of trails or just take it easy and enjoy the deer, the birds and the views.

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