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Claim Your Inheritance
a Weekend Retreat of Exploration
July 12 - 14, 2024

Photo of Don Oakey, Founding Director of Well Being Retreat Center, Tazewell, TN

Well Being Retreat Center is offering a 2-night Weekend Retreat led by Don Oakley, author of "It's Time to Wake Up Now: The Top Ten Myths that Can Hijack Spiritual Awakening," and "Empty Wisdom: The Subtle Art of Discovering What You Already Are", and by Patty Bottari, a Director of Well Being Foundation and longtime employee and student of both Adyashanti and Byron Katie.

Don has studied intensively with Adyashanti and with Eckhart Tolle and now serves on Adyashanti's Board of Directors. Samples of Don's teachings may be found on InstagramYouTube and on TikToc.

Photo of Patty Bottari, a Director of Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN

"This Event will be devoted to exploring deeply into the Nature of our Existence.

"If a long lost aunt gave you a million dollars in her will, but you didn't know of her gift, it wouldn't do you much good. Your True Nature is like that. The gift has already been given, but we may not be aware of it. It is good news indeed that we don't have to earn the gift or be worthy of it. We simply need to recognize the gift that has already been given. The tricky part is that it's hard to recognize something if we are looking in the wrong direction. This weekend will be devoted to recognizing your inheritance."


The retreat will begin with check-in on Friday afternoon July 12th and will end after lunch on Sunday July 14th. Sessions will be held in the Main Conference Building. Well Being will provide supper on Friday evening upon arrival and lunch on Sunday to end the retreat. We will also provide coffee, teas and snacks during the retreat. Please plan to bring and prepare food for your other meals. All cabins have kitchenettes. Cost $195 per person.

Dining Room at Well Being Retreat Center

About the Retreat


This retreat is a non-denominational opportunity to explore one’s own true nature – free from the everyday distractions and busyness of our lives. The weekend will include silent sittings, guided meditations, discourses by Don Oakley and time for dialoguesAll activities during the retreat are voluntary, of course, but we ask that you remain fully engaged in the spirit of the retreat during the weekend.

This weekend will be a rare opportunity to devote your attention fully to yourself. We invite you to use this opportunity to discover what s truly living this life.

People in Satsang.jpg

During the weekend there will be opportunities for quiet walks around our 160 acre property, sitting by the scenic Powell River which surrounds the property for 2 1/2 miles, for exploration of Nature, or simply to rest. You will be staying in one of the comfortable cabins. All event sessions will be at the Main Conference Building

Hay Bales on Top of Hill at Well Being R

Silent Sittings

Each period of silent sitting will be an opportunity to simply let everything be as it is – naturally and without effort. You may discover the awake spaciousness that is ever-present – that exists prior to (and during) any effort to control or manipulate our experience.


Wildflowers at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN

There is a $195 Registration Fee for this event.  This fee covers tuition, your lodging, housekeeping, Friday supper and Sunday lunch as well as drinks and snacks. You will be responsible for your remaining meals which can be prepared in the cabin kitchenettes. 


The Labyrinth at Well Being Retreat Center, Tazewell, TN

We are located in Tazewell, Tennessee about an hour north of Knoxville. Click here for driving directions. Check-in will be between 3:00 and 5:00 pm on Friday July 12, 2024. Orientation will take place at 5:30 pm. Cabins will be assigned based on order of registration.

If any questions, contact or call her at 423-626-9000.

A Tiny hOuse at Well Being Retreat Center

Please register for this event with Well Being Retreat Center using the form below:

After you have "Previewed" your Registration form, scroll again to bottom of page to "Submit" your registration. You will be directed to make payment  with your credit card.

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