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Well Being Retreat Center - Event

Jessica Mishu of Blue Ridge Yoga

Come join us for a journey of self-exploration and embodied awareness this September when we take a trip over to Well Being Retreat Center.  Inspired by the teachings of Reginald Ray and the ancient practice of yoga, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to delve into the depths of your being in a supportive and nurturing environment. Experience learning some somatic psychology and mindfulness techniques. This retreat will guide participants in reconnecting with their bodies and accessing the wisdom held within.

           Embodied Presence Retreat
    Deepening Through Somatic Meditations and Flows
with Jessica Mishu and D'lene Reeves
          September 6 - 8, 2024
Retreat Is Now Full - Wait List Only


D'lene Reeves of Blue Ridge Yoga

About the Retreat

Through a blend of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and somatic exploration, you will learn to cultivate a grounded presence both on and off the mat.


Central to the retreat experience is the exploration of somatic descent, a practice rooted in Tibetan Buddhism that invites you to journey into the subtle layers of sensation and emotion within yourself. You will be guided in integrating these practices into your meditation and yoga practice, fostering a deeper sense of integration and wholeness.


Throughout the retreat, there will be opportunities for gentle group discussions, experiential exercises, and personal reflection, creating a supportive community for inner exploration and growth. By nurturing a deeper connection to your body and the present moment, you will leave feeling empowered to embody your authentic self.

"Join us for this enriching journey of self-discovery and embodied presence, where the wisdom of yoga and somatic descent converge to illuminate the path to inner peace and authenticity."

Yoga on the Hilltop at dawn at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN
Dinning Room at Well-Being Retreat Center

About D'lene Reeves

D’lene began her studies in meditation in 1988 while working in the Burn Trauma Unit at the University of Tennessee Hospital as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Several of her cancer patients introduced her to the Silva Method, using the mind as a healer. When she learned that one patient had actually reported putting their cancer in remission 3 times over a 15 year time span using only diet and the Silva Method of meditation all before 1988, refusing Chemotherapy or Radiation, this unleashed her passion for studying meditation.

She obtained her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and Educational Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1992 and began teaching relaxation techniques to individuals and in groups and continued her studies in different meditation techniques.  She moved to Chicago in 1994, as she was working as a Community Therapist with gangs on a federal grant for wrap around services, and there she was introduced to/studied/and then taught the two meditation technique categories of either Focused Attention Meditation or Open Monitoring Meditation. Over the past 20 years, she has continued her love of teaching meditation and has taught a multitude of techniques including Guided Visualization, Zazen, Loving Kindness Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Sound Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, some types of Taoist Meditation, and Effortless Presence Meditation.

 Now that hard science has caught up and proven over the last several years that meditation has many health benefits including actually increasing gray matter, changing our cells at the genetic level, lowering blood pressure, pain management, increased immunity, and increasing emotional balance, she intends to keep discovering and teaching. She believes what Sandy C. Newbigging has said, “the main way to do meditation wrong is to try to do it right”. 

D'lene has completed her RYT teacher training hours and is certified to teach yoga and meditation.

About Jessica Mishu

After graduating from university in 2009, Jess decided to pursue her love of travel, life and spirituality while studying yoga practices around the world. In Kerala, India, Jessica earned her 200-hour yoga certification from the Tulasidalam School of Yoga.  Her training emphasized and taught her the importance of meditation and Pranayama as integral components to yogic practice.  As a result, her yoga classes host a variety of teaching elements and established sequences which highlight detoxification of the body and the mind in order to achieve higher consciousness. Inspired by her studies in India, she then pursued her 500-hour training certification at Ishta Yoga in New York City under the guidance of Alan Finger. After practicing her skills as an instructor and yogic retreat organizer in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Jessica returned to further her education in therapeutics at Integrated Yoga Therapy at Kripalu in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, where yoga is uniquely tailored to each individual and their experience.

Jessica has lived on six continents in order to experience and explore life from every angle. From the ashrams of India washing her clothes in a bucket, to living in a shipping container in Costa Rica, and life on a vineyard in Tuscany, Jessica has a deep thirst for travel, adventure, and life. Jessica has practiced and studied yoga throughout India, England, Spain, Singapore, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Photo of Top of Hill at Well Being Retreat Center, Tazewell, TN
Standing at Blue Ridge Yoga.jpg
Picture of Yoga at Blue Ridge Yoga Studio in Knoxville

About the Retreat

The retreat will begin with check-in after 4 pm on Friday September 6th and end after lunch around 2 pm on Sunday September 8th, 2024.

Meals will be non-vegetarian with a vegetarian option at each meal, The meals will be almost entirely gluten-free with lots of freshly prepared and mostly organic ingredients.


The Cabins (but not the Cabinettes) have kitchenettes which include fridge and microwave and a counter-top range, if you have special food needs to allow you to prepare your own supplementary food. 

Sessions may be in the Main Conference Building or at the Powell River Pavilion.



Register directly with Well Being Retreat Center for Tuition and Accommodations (meals & lodging) at the rates: shown below. Detailed Well Being Retreat Center policies  for Accommodations are HERE..

Please contact Jessica at Blue Ridge Yoga, 865-288-3562 if you have any questions about the program.

Retreat is now Full - Wait List Only

Contact Patty at 423-626-9000 or at if you have questions about facilities or accommodations.

To register for this retreat (both Tuition & Accommodations) please use the form below. 

After you have "Previewed" your Registration form, scroll again to bottom of page to "Continue to Payment" to complete your registration using your credit card.

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