Well Being Retreat Center - Event

Harvesting Wisdom

Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT)

with Melanie McGhee and David Patterson

October 1 - 3, 2021

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Join us for a retreat into Presence.

The true self is not encumbered by the limitations of a narrative.


The true self is a being. Yet, most of us forget who we really are, we succumb to the delusion of separation, caught in the bad dream of who we think we are — conditioned reactions, personality, the traumas we have experienced and more. We roll through life like a nugget of shining golden light trapped in a tumbleweed gathering even more tangled energy as we journey through life.

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On this retreat, you will learn the Satori Protocol for solo practice. This makes it possible to access, at will with fare reliability, a transcendent unified state of awareness, the ME beyond the me WHILE resolving psycho-emotional charged energy.

Satori is a reference to experiential glimpses into true self - the Self, unfettered from the delusions of separation. In these moments, the localized self with which we normally identify becomes non-localized. And, even as you read these words, it may be clear that we are moving into the territory of the Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao.

Alongside the Satori experiences, David Patterson, Ph.D. will weave mindfulness practices throughout our retreat, enriching our exploration of uncloaking the true Self.

This luscious time together is designed to nourish and support you in rediscovering and realigning with the magnificence that is the Essence of Being.

This is going to be a rich experience designed to nourish you and support you in rediscovering and realigning with the magnificence that is You, unified presence of being.

If you feel called to join us for this retreat, I hope you will. It's going to be pretty special. If you are not sure it's for you, message me. For those of us actively journeying with significant depression, anxiety, activated trauma or substance abuse, this is not the best time for you to join this retreat.

Otherwise, if you feel called, reserve your spot.

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Your Facilitators:

Melanie McGhee, LCSW & David Patterson, Ph.D.

Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W. is one of two people in the world trained to teach the Satori Protocol. She brings a depth of delight and understanding of this territory and practice that will inspire and encourage you.

Dr. Patterson is a mindfulness based stress reduction instructor and endowed professor at the university of Tennessee. He brings the experience and great good humor that comes from a decades long meditation and mindfulness practice.

We will gather at the Well Being Retreat Center (www.wellbeingretreatcenter.org), nestled along the Powell River in scenic Northeast Tennessee. The Wellbeing Retreat Center offers comfortable accommodations and ample meeting space that inspires an awareness of silence and simplicity. Surrounded by nature, we will have access to a labyrinth, riverside pavilion, fire pit, hiking and beauty at every turn.


Can you read these words without being somewhere else?


Program Schedule


The retreat will begin with check in Friday October 1st between 4:00 pm o 5:30 pm. Supper will be served at 6:00 pm Friday evening. All meals, snacks, teas and coffee will be served through the event. The retreat will end after lunch on Sunday October 3, 2021.

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About the Venue - Well Being Retreat Center


There will be time to enjoy the 160 acres of rural Tennessee land and the 2 1/2 miles of Powell River frontage.

The Well Being Retreat Center offers a conducive environment for this event: quiet natural spaces, climate controlled main event room, and delicious healthy food.

Tuition and Accommodations (Meals & Lodging)

Please click here to register first with Melanie & David for Tuition ($375), then register for Accommodations (Meals and Lodging) with Well Being Retreat Center using the online form below.

Accommodations for this 2-night weekend retreat range from $160 - $355, depending on housing options selected . This includes your tuition, meals, snacks, and lodging for the weekend. Food provided will be mostly gluten-free non-vegetarian with a vegetarian option at each meal. (Vegetarian may include eggs and dairy.) Lodging is available on a first come, first serve basis; there are a limited number of single rooms. The Tiny Houses and the earth-sheltered private cabins by the river are both listed as "Private Cabins." For pictures of the lodging options, go here. There is also a low cost option for camping by the river with bathrooms and hot showers nearby. 

Note: Attendance for this event is limited to those who have been vaccinated.

Go here to review Well Being's Covid Policies.

Please use the form below to Register for Accommodations (Meals and Lodging)

Contact & Questions

Contact Melanie McGhee if you have any questions about the content of the event:  (865-384-4104, Melanie@aait.solutions

Contact Patty@WellBeingCC.org or at 423-626-9000 if you have questions about facilities or accommodations.


After you have "Previewed" your Registration form, scroll again to bottom of page to "Submit" your registration. You will then be redirected to PayPal to make payment for your Accommodations.