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Having a cup of tea on the deck at Well Being Retreat Center with view of the hillside along the Powell River
View from top of the hill at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, Tennessee
Don Oakley and Patty Bottari, Directors and on-site Managers of Well Being Retreat Center

Well Being Retreat Center Origins

About Us

Well Being Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was founded in Oregon in 1996 by Don Oakley. Well Being Foundation is an independent, non-denominational, donation-based organization that owns and operates Well Being Retreat Center.

Picture of Don Oakley, Founding Director of Well Being Foundation
Picture of Patty Bottari, Director of Well Being Foundation

Our headquarters and only active location is now in Claiborne County, Tennessee (50 miles North of Knoxville), where, in 2008, the Foundation purchased 160 acres of beautiful rural land surrounded by 2 1/2 miles of the Powell River. In February 2009, Don Oakley and Patty Bottari, husband and wife, and two of the Directors of the Foundation, arrived as full-time, on-site caretakers, managers and chief potwashers of Well Being Retreat Center.

Well Being's Mission Statement
Picture of Colorful Stones of the Powell River which surrounds Well Being Retreat Center for 2 1/2 miles

The Mission of Well Being Foundation is “to promote harmony with Nature, wellness of our bodies, and peace of mind.” At first glance, these goals may seem unrelated. But it seems that we tend to treat Nature as we treat our own bodies. This is not surprising since our bodies are not separate from Nature.  If treated with care and respect, both tend to thrive. They can even stand some abuse and still get by for a while. (Remember being 21?) But Nature is the home team and always bats last. And, of course, a certain peace-of-mind is essential to how we all respond to the inevitable challenges of life and to the choices that we make. Noticing the stillness within ourselves and in Nature can bring these aspects of our being into alignment.

Development at Well Being Retreat Center

When Well Being Retreat Center was purchased in 2008, there was only an old barn here. Since then, we have constructed: four Earth Sheltered Cabins, the more conventionally built Wood Duck Cabin, and the Retreat Center Building, six Cabinettes, the Powell River Pavilion and six Tiny Houses.  We now can sleep up to 39 people very comfortably. These facilities are available for wellness workshops, Yoga retreats, mindfulness programs, meditation retreats, personal retreats & sabbaticals, family reunions, civic meetings, church groups, ecological conferences and similar.

Contact ..... Well Being Retreat Center:


Tel: 423-626-9000; Txt: 408-510-0660

GPS Address:  557 Narrows Road, Tazewell, TN  37879

Mailing Address:  376 Well Being Circle, Tazewell, TN  37879

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