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Westview Cabins

3 Comfortable One-Room Cottages with a Delightful View

Three Comfortable One-Room Cottages

Exterior Cabin 1 & 2.jpg

These three one-room Westview Cabins were just completed in August 2023 and are considered "Private Cabins". They are named  - in order as you walk in from Well Being Circle: Sycamore, Winged Elm and Tulip Poplar, They are are located in the upper pasture - a short walk from the main Conference Building. Each Westview Cabin has a kitchenette, full bath with large shower, two beds two easy chairs, a breakfast table and chairs and a deck overlooking the rolling Cumberland hills. Cell Phone reception is quite good (4 bars on Verizon).

Living Space.JPG


The kitchenette has a 2-burner stove, fridge, microwave, and on-demand (continuous) hot water. The kitchenette is outfitted with pots & pans, prep bowls, utensils, teapot, cutting board, knives, cups, glasses, plates and silverware. Also soap, paper towels, drying towels, salt & pepper and paper napkins.

Comfortable Beds

The Westview Cabins have two extra long, twin beds. These beds are comfortable, deep mattresses. Each bed has its own reading light.

The beds have a custom wood frame to allow suitcases to be stored under the bed. . 

The cabins have a very quiet heat pump (mini-split) system for both heat and air conditioning. 


Full Bath with Large Shower

Each Tiny House has a full bathroom with a large, glass enclosed shower stall. There is unlimited hot water with the on-demand water heater. Bath towels and wash cloths are provided for each occupant. The shower has shampoo and liquid soap. There is ample shelf space for your toiletries.

Expansive View from Cabins.jpg

Getting About

The Westview Cabins are located in the pasture above the main Conference Building. To get there, drive up the road past Wood Duck Cabin and continue straight over the rise with the pasture on your right.

There is parking available and entry to the cabins are at ground level without steps.

You can also walk up through the woods by the trail from the far end of the Cabinettes.

View from the back Deck of the Westview Cabins
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Rent one of the Westview Cabins for $115 per night (two night minimum) plus a $35 Cleaning Fee. Contact or call her at 423-626-9000 to arrange your stay.

If you are coming on a group retreat, please see the pricing for that retreat on the retreat's webpage. A listing of upcoming events is found HERE.


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