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ChiRunning and ChiWalking Workshop

with Danny and Katherine Dreyer

June 27 - 30, 2024

Retreat is Now Full - WAIT LIST ONLY

Photo of Katherine and Danny Dreyer, ChiRunning, ChiWalking

ChiRunning and ChiWalking combine the ancient mind-body principles of T’ai Chi with running and walking for an energized, balanced body and a clear, focused mind. Your running or walking will become a meditative, mindful practice as well as a great way to get and stay healthy. You’ll enjoy moving the way humans are meant to move – naturally, smoothly and without stress or strain to your muscles and joints.

In this retreat we’ll all be together to learn the foundational practices of ChiRunning and ChiWalking and ChiLiving then split into walking or running groups. Walkers do not have to run during this workshop, and runners can join the walking group at any time. You’ll have fluid options to learn these life enhancing skills. We will also discuss the option of Chi Walk-Run, the perfect way to gently build a safe and sustainable running practice.


Throughout the weekend Katherine and Danny will also teach you how to bring ChiLiving practices into your everyday life.

Covers of Books written by Katherine and Danny Dreyer

About ChiRunning and ChiWalking:

During this retreat, you’ll learn to use your core muscles to create whole-body movement, reducing the stress and strain on your hips, legs, knees and feet. You’ll still look like a regular runner or walker but you’ll be improving your posture and balance, strengthening your core, and experiencing how less effort is really better for your whole body. Managing your energy and the flow of your Chi offers you lifelong skills for health and vitality. Sound biomechanics combined with deep listening to your body creates fluid, gentle movement that nourishes body, mind and spirit.

Learning ChiRunning and ChiWalking is an active way to be kind and thoughtful to your body and being. You’ll practice:

  • Body Sensing: Listening to your body and responding to its needs

  • Mindful Movement: Offering your mind and body sound information about healthy movement

  • Resting as needed (and eating Well Being’s amazing food!)

  • The enjoyment of moving freely and joyously


We’ll start every session with the Chi Body Looseners to ease away stress and tightness. Then we’ll practice the optimal way to run or walk using your whole body: arms, legs, head and torso. Even your eyes are important in ChiRunning and ChiWalking!

“All in all, ChiWalking has become our science and our art – a magical way to walk – leading to a more mindful and healthy way to live. We recommend it to everyone whether or not they ever want to walk a marathon – ChiWalking works!” - Jim & Sue Mehrwein, Springfield, Oregon

This workshop is for all levels of fitness, beginners to long-distance runners or walkers. It is not recommended if you have any long-term difficulties walking, such as needing a cane or have other walking or running disabilities. Mild injuries are fine as long you can stand and walk or run. Injury prevention is the first premise of ChiRunning and ChiWalking so minor knee, hip or back pain should not be a deterrent to joining the workshop. 


IMPORTANT: The terrain of Well Being Retreat is mostly dirt and gravel roads and trails. Good shoes are a must. We will practice hill techniques, but running and walking mostly on gentle hills and flat, gravel terrain. Every aspect of the workshop is optional.

Reading our ChiRunning or ChiWalking book is recommended but not required.

KD ChiWalking group.jpg

Your Facilitators:

Danny and Katherine Dreyer co-founded ChiLiving, Inc. in 1999 and co-authored ChiRunning, ChiWalking and ChiMarathon books, all published by Simon & Schuster and translated into 15 languages. Well-versed in T’ai Chi, Eastern philosophy, meditation and mindful practices, Katherine and Danny have taught at the Omega Institute, Kripalu, Esalen and around the world. Danny has run over 50 ultra marathons (distances longer than a marathon, including two 100-mile events) always placing in the top 3 of his age group. Prior to starting ChiLiving Katherine was president of New Hope Communications, a natural health publishing company. They live in Asheville, NC. 

Program Schedule:

The retreat will begin with check-in Thursday, June 27, 2024 between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm. Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm Thursday evening. All meals, snacks, teas and coffee will be served through the event. The retreat will end with lunch on Sunday, June 30, 2024.
Photo of Tiny Houses at Well Being Retreat Center, Tazewell, TN

About the Venue:

Well Being Retreat Center


There will be time to enjoy the 160 acres of rural Tennessee land and the 2 1/2 miles of Powell River frontage.

Food provided will be freshly prepared non-vegetarian with a vegetarian option at each meal. (Vegetarian may include eggs and dairy.) Meals will be mostly gluten-free. Lodging is available on a first come, first serve basis; there are a limited number of single rooms. The Tiny Houses and the earth-sheltered private cabins by the river are both listed as "Private Cabins." For pictures of the lodging options, go here. Cabinettes have bathroom facilities in the nearby Conference Building, a short walk away. There is also a low cost option for AT Shelter camping by the river with bathrooms and hot showers nearby. 

The Well Being Retreat Center offers a conducive environment for this event: quiet natural spaces and delicious healthy food.

Tuition and Accommodations (Meals & Lodging)

Total cost for this 3-night weekend workshop ranges from $495 - $800, depending on the lodging option selected. This includes your tuition, meals, snacks, and lodging for the weekend.

Go Here to Review Well Being's Accommodation Policies for this Event

Contact & Questions

If you have any questions about the content of the event, contact Katherine:

E:; T: 415-847-4694

if you have questions about facilities or accommodations, contact or call her at: 423-626-9000.

Please register for Tuition and Accommodations (Meals and Lodging) with Well Being Retreat Center using the online form below.

After you "Preview Your Submission," scroll again to bottom of page to "Continue to Payment." (The Payment screen takes a few seconds to appear.) Your registration is complete when payment is made.

Retreat Is Now Full - WAIT LIST ONLY

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