Well Being Retreat Center

"Where Silence Is Expressed"

Intentions at Well Being Retreat Center


  • To bring awareness and respectful intention to each activity, chore or interaction.

  • To value the unique expression of each person we meet - as is

  • To be respectful of Well Being's land and all its inhabitants in, on and above the land.

  • To acknowledge gratefulness for the food, air, water and shelter that sustains us each day


  • To live gently on the land and in the community. - to act without leaving a wake of disturbance

  • To be respectful of neighbors and the surrounding community including respect for prevailing customs and culture.

  • To live by example - avoid giving advice unless asked

  • To show up and participate


  • To be truthful, earnest and live with integrity

  • To have the courage to inquire deeply into one's own being and to acknowledge what we don't know

  • To speak and listen fully from the heart

  • To discover and live from our own true nature

  • To be willing to live what has been realized


  • To recognize the abundance of existence

  • To nurture the gift of our own body/mind

  • To be grateful for the wonder of each moment

  • To be humbled by the immensity

  • To enjoy oneself - even for no reason

  • To ask: "How can I love more fully?"


  • To receive the gift that has already been given