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Well Being Retreat Center

"Where Silence Is Expressed"

Deer Grazing at Well Being Retreat Center
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A walk along the Powell River in Tazewell, TN

Food at Well Being Retreat Center

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Well Being Retreat Center's main Conference Building meeting room has a large, vaulted, air-conditioned dining room with views across the Powell River valley. Delicious freshly made, mostly organic meals are served from our licensed commercial kitchen and are available for events.

Wildlife Viewing

We don't hunt on the land and we don't allow dogs and cats on the land. We like both dogs and cats, but dogs chase deer and cats are hard on songbirds. So we made a decision when the Retreat Center first moved onto this land, that we wanted the native wildlife here to be able to live without fear of bullets or domestic animals. Now, eight years later, the deer no longer run away in terror and they are often seen grazing in the pastures at dusk, or, like the deer pictured, strolling down the path to one of the cabins. By casual birdwatching, we have identified 59 species of birds on the land. There are beaver, river otter, blue herons and wood ducks in the river. A bald eagle will do an occasional flyby. Sometimes a flock of wild turkeys will visit. And often we are entertained by the raucous laughter of a pileated woodpecker or startled by the pre-historic cry of a blue heron late at night or delighted by a rabbit slowly hopping past you.

Fruit & Vegetable Gardening


At Well Being Retreat Center, we tend a one acre vegetable garden and orchard that is maintained organically, that is, no GMO's, no insecticides, herbicides or fungicides.. We have ten raised beds that are mostly used for annual vegetables, but we also have a bed of asparagus and a bed of strawberries. We have sixtky blueberry bushes that are thriving, blackberries, goji berries, and a variety of fruit trees that we planted eight years ago. We have a plant start room where we raise vegetable and flower seeds as well as root cuttings from trees and bushes.

Raising Chickens


At Well Being Retreat Center, we keep egg-laying chickens in a portable coop within the fenced one acre vegetable garden to keep them safe from predators. Everyone loves chicken (raccoons, o'possum, weasels, owls, hawks, coyotes, etc.) and keeping them safe can sometimes feel like a full-time job. We feed the chickens organic feed, healthy table scraps, and vegetable overage from the garden. And they of course graze on healthy pasture and whatever bugs they can find. The healthy varied diet is what makes the yolks so bright orange and make the eggs taste, well, like real eggs should taste.

Contact Well Being Retreat Center: or at 423-626-9000 for more information

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