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Well Being Retreat Center - Event

"The Art of Belonging" Retreat
with Chelsea Green
July 21 - 23, 2023

Chelsea 2023.jpg

This mostly silent weekend retreat led by licensed therapist, artist, and meditation teacher, Chelsea Green, aims to support both individual and collective wellbeing by reconnecting participants to their primary home - themselves - and to the many outer homes through which they traverse this life - including relationships, family, and the broader world.


Participants will explore through interactive dialogue, experiential activities, and embodiment exercises what it looks and feels like to be at home with oneself while also in authentic relationship by strengthening our connection and communication with our many parts: mind, heart, body, and soul/spirit. As a group, participants will also have the opportunity to explore family constellations facilitated by Chelsea Green. 

About the Workshop

The Art of Belonging retreat is about releasing old narratives so we may be free to pick them back up, if and when we choose. In this intimate group setting, participants are invited to regain choice in the matters that once left us feeling powerless in the past. It is within community that we best learn, or re-learn, how to embrace the embodied feelings of safety and liberation in the present for a better future.


Some of the activities you can expect:

  • Group discussions and interactive activities 

  • Family/systemic constellations

  • Embodiment practices (meditation, gentle yoga)

  • Silent time to reflect, journal, and rest

  • Q&A and dialogue with Chelsea


This experiential retreat is for those ready to look within at some of the more challenging events or situations they've faced in life; something they’re looking to move beyond or better integrate into their daily lives. This weekend is also for anyone looking to unplug, unload, and unapologetically be themselves in the company of the most serene nature that Tennessee’s mountains have to offer.

About Chelsea Green

Chelsea is a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, and meditation teacher who leads interactive classes and workshops on mindfulness, stress management, relationships, and spirituality. Her work with therapy clients centers of helping individuals, couples, and families cope with their stress at home, as well as within the systems they live. (

Chelsea operates her private practice as a couples/family and individual therapist in South Carolina and works mainly with people who are seeking to overcome chronic stress, family conflict, relationship issues, and intergenerational trauma through a holistic, bio-psycho-social, and mindfulness-based perspective. Chelsea received her training in family constellations by former student of Bert Hellinger, Suzi Tucker, and hosts free monthly constellation groups in Charleston, South Carolina.


This will be the 4th retreat that Chelsea has led at Well Being Retreat Center.

Family Constellation Work


Family constellations are also called systemic constellations, because they are systemic in the way they reflect the inner and outer systems in which we live. When we're standing too close to a situation, we can't see it clearly.


The family constellation experience offers a safe container within which to observe what may have once felt too uncomfortable or even overwhelming to look at. During a constellation, we get to witness what someone else would do in our shoes -- this alone can do wonders for healing blame or shame and reconnecting to ourselves and others.


What is it like to participate in a constellation? 

"For me, it's like stepping outside of my limited perception for a time to see a bigger picture, where life events and repeating patterns begin to make more sense." - Chelsea

For a glimpse into what family constellations look like as an exercise, you may find it interesting to watch the fifth episode of Sex, Love & goop featuring practitioner, Kato Wittich, facilitating a family constellation: Behind the Episode (


What is the intended goal for a constellation? 

"To restore flow by bringing forward whatever had to be excluded or ignored or pushed down for the family to survive, so that the unconscious patterns can be acknowledged and will no longer need to be repeated in the client’s daily life." - Kato Wittich


What are some misconceptions about constellations?

To start, constellations have little to nothing to do with stars or astrology. Though, sometimes, when observing a constellation from the outside, it can appear to take the shapes of stars in a constellation. 

Next, constellations are not a technique to learn and repeat or practice on your own. True to their experiential nature, they are meant to be explored in the present moment with a group of willing participants, during which insights and revelations may occur which are helpful to participants moving forward in their day-to-day and relationships.



Check in will be 4 to 5:30 pm on Friday July 21st and the program will end by Noon on Sunday July 23rd Meals will be non-vegetarian with a vegetarian option at each meal. Meals are generally gluten-free and mostly organic. Some vegetarian meals may include organic eggs and some limited organic dairy . Meals include Friday supper through Sunday lunch. Teas, coffee & snacks provided throughout. Cabins (but not Cabinettes) have equipped kitchenettes if you have "special" foods you want to bring.

Retreat goers will have access to the Well Being Retreat Center's 160-acre property, including the free-flowing Powell River, native wildlife, and beautiful hiking trails.

Registration for July 21 - 23, 2023 Chelsea Green Retreat 

Photo of Top of Hill at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN
Labyrinth at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN

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Registration for this event includes tuition, lodging, meals and snacks for this 2-night retreat range from $420 to $645, depending on the lodging selected.

Well Being Retreat Center's Policies for Accommodations are here.

If you have any questions about the program content, please contact Chelsea by email or at 423-946-3879 or visit her website at:

To see Chelsea's art portfolio, visit her art website here:

To follow Chelsea on social media, visit the links below:

If you have any questions about lodging or Well Being Retreat Center facilities, please contact Edit (pronounced A-deet) at 858-682-6884 or

Walking Trail along Powell River at Well Being Retreat Center
Fire Circle In Twilight

Please register with Well Being Retreat Center for tuition and accommodations (lodging and meals) using the form below:

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