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Coming to Spiritual, Meditation, Nature or Yoga Retreats


Lodging options are described here. Lodging is selected by HOUSING TYPE not by specific named cabin.


  • Tiny Houses are studios with two extra-long twin beds and one bathroom. One of the Tiny Houses has a queen bed.

  • Two of the four Earth Sheltered Cabins are a studio or one-bedroom that have one queen bed and one bathroom.


  • Two of the four Earth Shelter Cabins are two-bedroom cabins. Each room has two extra-long twin beds for a total of four beds in each cabin and a shared bathroom.

  • Wood Duck cabin is a three-bedroom cabin. One bedroom has a queen bed and a half bathroom. the other two rooms have two extra-long twin beds in each room and share a full bathroom.


Cabinettes are studios with two-extra long twin beds and have bathroom facilities in the nearby Conference Building, a short walk away.


Private Cabin Single Occupancy = One person staying in a "Private Cabin"

Private Cabin Double Occupancy= Two people sharing a "Private Cabin"

Shared Cabin Single Occupancy = One person staying in a bedroom in a "Shared Cabin". The other bedroom may be occupied by one or two people.

Shared Cabin Double Occupancy = Two people sharing a bedroom in a "Shared Cabin". The other bedroom may be occupied by one or two people.

Cabinette Single Occupancy = One person staying in a one-room Cabinette

Cabinette Double Occupancy = Two people sharing a one-room Cabinette

PICTURES OF RETREAT LODGING OPTIONS.  For pictures of retreat lodging options, go here.

What to Bring List

What To Bring_edited.jpg


  • Only socks or slippers are allowed in the Meeting Room in the Conference Building. The Conference Building is heated/air conditioned

  • There are High-Airflow Medical-Grade Air Purifiers with HyperHEPA Filters for the Meeting Room and for the Dining Room. These filtration units are capable of removing 99.5% of particles even as small as viruses. * Please DO NOT bring alcohol, pets, illicit drugs, scented personal products (in respect for those with possible chemical sensitivities).

  • Dehumidifiers in earth sheltered cabins are on timers. Please allow the units to run. If you feel that you must turn it off, unplug the unit at the wall and leave it off for the rest of the retreat.

  • All water in the buildings is well water. It is tested annually, safe to drink.

  • The hot water in all buildings is “on-demand.” To use it, turn the hot water on full, wait until it gets hot, then adjust temp with the cold faucet. NOTE: If the hot water is not on full, it will not light the water heater and get hot.

  • On the last day of retreat, please make your bed with fresh linens. Leave used linens & towels in your pillow case in the tub. Put all trash in trash can. Take home or throw out any food leftovers, unless unopened and you’re leaving for donation.

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