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Having a cup of tea on the deck at Well Being Retreat Center with view of the hillside along the Powell River
View from top of the hill at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, Tennessee
Don Oakley and Patty Bottari, Directors and on-site Managers of Well Being Retreat Center

Intentions of Well Being Retreat Center

Photo of Irridescent Beetle on Grass at Well Being Retreat Center
Photo of Turtles on a log in the Powell River at Well Being Retreat Center
A Cloud Exhaling (225x300)_edited_edited
Photo of Stars in the Heavens over Well Being Retreat Center
Photo of Yellow Flower at Well Being Retreat Center


  • To bring awareness and respectful intention to each activity, chore or interaction.

  • To value the unique expression of each person we meet - as is.

  • To be respectful of Well Being's land and all its inhabitants in, on and above the land.

  • To acknowledge gratefulness for the food, air, water and shelter that sustains us each day.


  • To live gently on the land and in the community - to act without leaving a wake of disturbance.

  • To be respectful of neighbors and the surrounding community including respect for prevailing customs and culture.

  • To live by example - avoid giving advice unless asked

  • To show up and participate.


  • To be truthful, earnest and live with integrity

  • To have the courage to inquire deeply into one's own being and to acknowledge what we don't know

  • To speak and listen fully from the heart

  • To discover and live from our own true nature

  • To be willing to live what has been realized


  • To recognize the abundance of existence

  • To nurture the gift of our own body/mind

  • To be grateful for the wonder of each moment

  • To be humbled by the immensity


  • To enjoy oneself - even for no reason

  • To receive the gift that has already been given

  • To ask: "How can I love more fully?"

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