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"Where Silence Is Expressed"

"A Shift of Identity"

a Day-Long Meditation & Inquiry Retreat

Saturday January 9, 2021

Well Being Retreat Center is offering a day-long retreat entitled

"A Shift of Identity” led by Don Oakley, the author of "It's Time to Wake Up Now: The Top Ten Myths that Can Hijack Spiritual Awakening," a five star rated book on Amazon, and by Patty Bottari, a Director of Well Being Foundation and longtime employee and student of both Adyashanti and Byron Katie. A sampling of Don's talks may be found on his YouTube Channel.

"As spiritual seekers we may sometimes glimpse something beyond our personal separate selves. When that experience recedes, which, like all experiences, it will, we seek another, hopefully better, experience. At this point, our identity is firmly parked in being a human having an occasional transcendent experience. And then, eventually, we might discover that we are spirit having a human experience – our identity has shifted. The retreat will explore this journey."

With COVID precautions on the minds of most, Patty and Don are offering this in-person retreat in a beautiful open-air setting on the banks of the Powell River. On Saturday December 9th from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm we will be offering a day long retreat of meditation and inquiry. (If you wanted to come earlier in the day or stay later to be able to spend some quiet time on the land or to have a chance to talk with folks that you may not have seen for a while, that would be fine. Also, if you would like to rent a cabin for the weekend, there are plenty of single occupancy cabins available all with full bathrooms and kitchenettes.

The Program: Except for lunchtime, the one-day retreat will be held in silence. Don will give a guided meditation and an extemporaneous talk in the morning. There will be an opportunity to ask question in the afternoon and a sharing session to close. There will also be several silent sitting sessions during the day. All sessions are, of course, optional and there will be time after lunch to meet others, sit by the river or walk the land.

Outdoor Meeting Location: The sessions will all be in the open air Powell River Pavilion on the bank of the river. There are overhead fans and plenty of area for socially distanced seating. The outdoor setting was chosen because nearly all COVID infections have been traced to indoor settings. Nonetheless, we will ask everyone to maintain social distancing during the event. We now have electric plug-in stadium blankets and electric foot warmer pads for everyone. 


Wellness and Compassion for Others: We will serve chilled lemon ginger water, coffee, hot water for tea and iced black tea. We will also provide napkins, hand sanitizers, and individually wrapped disposable eating utensils. Because of concern about sharing food, please plan to bring your own lunch and snacks for the day and your own drinking cup. 

If you have a fever or have had one in the two weeks prior to the event, or have been with someone who has had a respiratory infection, or have had a sudden loss of taste or smell, or have a cough or a cold, please do not attend. If you carpool with anyone outside your partner, please wear a mask during the trip and drive with the windows open. If you arrive with a fever, a cough or a cold, we will ask you to leave for the sake of everyone else who may attend.

Cost: We are requesting a $40 registration fee to attend this event. Please pre-register since will restrict the number of people attending. The registration form is below. If the $40 charge poses a financial burden on you that would prevent you from  coming, please let Patty know so we can waive the charge. During this time when all our events have been cancelled or postponed, your financial support of Well Being Retreat Center will be greatly appreciated

We are located in Tazewell, Tennessee about an hour north of Knoxville. Click here for driving directions.


Cabin Rentals


Note: We have cabins available (but not Cabinettes) for occupancy by single persons, couples, or consenting roommates. Cabin reservations are separate from the event registration and you will need to provide your own food. Two night minimum please. Our policy regarding cabin cleaning between cabin occupancies during this time of COVID-19 is HERE.


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