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Well Being Retreat Center

"Where Silence Is Expressed"

Typical Meal Offerings

                      What Meal Service Means

Photo of hearty cole slaw, sweet potato fries and mashed cauliflower

Meal Service means three meals a day served promptly at the scheduled times plus all day availability of drinks and snacks.


Breakfasts (served at 8:30 AM) usually consists of organic scrambled, eggs organic gluten-free ancient whole-grain cereal with a choice of nut & fruit toppings, yogurt, juice, coffee and teas. Occasionally, we will serve organic chicken or vegan sausages.


Lunches (served at 12:30 PM) will vary with season and availability of vegetables from our one-acre, organically-tended garden. Generally, there will be a fresh hearty, mostly organic salad. (We won't bore you with a bowl of wimpy iceberg lettuce and call it a salad.) The salads may be mixed green salads, rustic cole slaw, or a grain salad such as a tangy barley or rice salad. And then usually a hearty home-made soup or other hot dish such as chili with home-made corn bread, or (wild-caught Alaskan) salmon salad.


Suppers (served at 6:00 pm) will have a vegetable (almost never white potatoes and often from the garden in season), a meat dish, a vegetarian grain or bean dish, freshly prepared complex salad, and dessert. Most of our meals are low glycemic, tending towards Paleo in character, but we will often make a sweet dessert for supper as well as offering fresh fruit for snacks and desserts.

All Day Choices for Drinking

Drinks will be available all day and will include:

  • Chilled, tested, non-chlorinated well water which is delicious and mineral rich

  • Starbucks coffee

  • Unsweetened black tea with ice (sweeteners available)

  • An unsweetened herbal tea (usually lemon balm) with ice available

  • On-demand steaming hot water and a variety of herbal and black tea


Snacks will be available all day and will include one or more of the following:

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Mixed Nuts (does not include peanuts)

  • Paleo sweet loaf such as banana-apple-carrot cake, zucchini-almond loaf. These are moist and yummy, low-guilt delights that Patty serves up.

A photo of a freshly prepared meal of salmon, Caprese salad and greens
Fresh Fruit for Snacks
Contact Well Being Retreat Center: or at 423-626-9000 for more information
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