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Mask Art by Judith Toy


A Weekend Retreat of Mindfulness & Art  

with Judith Toy

July 20 - 22, 2018

Often in the West, we are so immersed in our busy lives that we sadly ignore our lineages--blood, spiritual and land ancestors. In the incredibly lush setting of Well Being Retreat Center in the mountains of Tennessee, bound on three sides by a river, safe within an envelope of mindfulness, up from the heart of silence, we will slow way down to touch our deepest roots, to seek and find our wild inner artist child--the mask maker! and to create ancestral masks.  

Judith Toy

"We will let the birds and the rain give the Dharma talks," Judith promises.


Check in will be at 4 pm.on Friday and the program will end by 2 p.m. on Sunday. Meals will be non-vegetarian (with a vegetarian option at each meal (which may include organic eggs and some organic dairy) and are generally gluten-free. Meals include Friday supper through Sunday lunch. Teas, coffee & snacks provided throughout. Cabins (but not Cabinettes) have equipped kitchenettes if you have "special" foods you want to bring.

On a tutorial with the renowned Peter Schumann of Bread & Puppet Theatre, Judith explored the many possibilities of working with cardboard to make masks, which she has been doing, primarily with children since 1991. As a 27-year student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, she will overlay this retreat with the gentle influence of the Plum Village tradition. In the Zen way, she says, we can remember that every mask is a mirror. And we can ask ourselves as we create our masks, what does it mean to unmask? Judith's book is Murder as a Call to Love, A True Story of Transformation and Forgiveness, www.murderasacalltolove.com 

About the Weekend Program

We will practice seated and walking meditation, indoors and out, recognize and honor our land ancestors, the Cherokee, make art, enjoy nutritious veggie meals with vegan options in yummy silence, locate our true selves within our land, blood and spiritual lineages, make art, wander the grounds, drum and dance, sleep like babies, journal, sketch, make art, and otherwise leisurely move through a weekend of noble silence and natural beauty. There will be opportunities to share our writing, drawing, art and masks. While participants will be invited to follow the schedule, they need not consider it a mandate.

Depending on how much time you take, you may also wish to construct a family altar. Using an abundance of art supplies from the facilitator, as well as your supplies from home--(do bring a pair of scissors or a box cutter for cutting cardboard) --those you wish to use and some you wish to share-- we will honor noble silence most of the weekend, in order to funnel our energy into the breath, into art and journaling, drawing and mask-making--the heart of our art. Think natural, repurposed and recycled supplies--beads, feathers, dried grasses, shells, raffia, etc.  

"We will let the birds and the rain give the Dharma talks," Judith promises.

Registration for July 20 - 22nd Retreat 

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Note that while there is basic room and board cost, Judith will offer this retreat on a dana basis -- love offering.


Pictures of Cabins and Cabinettes are shown hereAccommodations (lodging, meals and snacks) for this 2 night retreat range from $140 to $300, depending on the lodging selected.

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For queries about the substance of the retreat, mindfulness practice and art practice, contact Judith at 865-497-2820, txt at 828-669-6000, or email cloudcottage@bellsouth.net.

If you have any questions about lodging or Well Being Retreat Center facilities, please contact Patty at 423-626-9000 or patty@WellBeingCC.org

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