Well Being Retreat Center - Event

"Where Silence Is Expressed"

The End of Seeking

a Weekend Meditation & Inquiry Retreat

September 7 - 9, 2018

Photo of Don Oakey, Founding Director of Well Being Retreat Center, Tazewell, TN

Don Oakley

Well Being Retreat Center is offering a weekend retreat entitled “The End of Seeking” led by Don Oakley, the author of "It's Time to Wake Up Now: The Top Ten Myths that Can Hijack Spiritual Awakening," a five star rated book on Amazon, and by Patty Bottari, a Director of Well Being Foundation and longtime employee and student of both Adyashanti and Byron Katie.

Spiritual awakening is often spoken of as the finish line - the end goal of the journey. It is true that it's the end of seeking (because you will have found what you've been looking for). But it's also the beginning of a new, truly spiritual journey. It's not the last step - it's the first. Until we find out who we are - not as a philosophy, but as our own self-discovery - we are often plagued by a nagging sense of phoniness. Life can often feel difficult. And then...one day...if we've been diligent and open and honest and sincere, Springtime arrives. Ahhhhh, the relief!

Photo of Patty Bottari, a Director of Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN

Patty Bottari

"This weekend will be devoted to discovering that place where seeking ends and Life begins."

This 2-Night retreat will begin with supper on Friday September 7th and will end after lunch on Sunday September 9th.

About the Retreat

This retreat is a non-denominational opportunity to explore one’s own true nature – free from the everyday distractions and busyness of our lives. The retreat will include silent sittings in the serenity of our meeting room or down by the river, some guided meditation, structured sharing and a guided inquiry talks by Don Oakley on Saturday morning entitled “The End of Seeking.“ . All activities during the weekend are voluntary, of course, and all inquiry will be experientially grounded.

Don Oakley leading Dharmatalk at Well Being Retreat Center

During the weekend there will be opportunities for quiet walks around our 160 acre property, sitting by the scenic Powell River which surrounds the property for 2 1/2 miles, for exploration of Nature, or simply to rest. You will be staying in one of the comfortable cabins. All meals and the event sessions will be in our Main Meeting Hall.

Silent Sittings

Each period of silent sitting will be an opportunity to simply let everything be as it is – naturally and without effort. You may discover the awake spaciousness that is ever-present – that exists prior to (and during) any effort to control or manipulate our experience.


Photo of Meal Service at Well Being Retreat Center

There is $40 Housekeeping Fee for the retreat and we ask that you bring and prepare one meal for the group attending. Depending on the number of people, two or three people may be responsible for a supper or a breakfast, for example. (We expect that 15 – 24 people may attend.) In this way, you will have an opportunity to experience serving and being served. You will also be asked to help with kitchen clean-up for one or two of the meals – usually a 20 or 30 minute endeavor. You may be surprised to find that these “yogi chores” can create a sense of community and surprisingly deep friendships even during a brief weekend retreat.

Even if you've never cooked for a larger group before, please do not let this prevent you from coming. You can team up with someone who likes to cook or just jump in and risk it! It always seems to work out beautifully.


A tax-deductible donation to Well Being Foundation before the retreat, while at the retreat or afterwards will allow us to further this work of offering a venue for exploring our deepest nature. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


Photo of guests ay Well Being Retreat Center walking along Turtle Bend and the Powell River in Autumn

We are located in Tazewell, Tennessee about an hour north of Knoxville. Click here for driving directions. Check-in will be between 4:00 and 5:30 pm on Friday September 7,  2018. If you are interested in attending, please sign up using the Registration Form below by Sunday September 2nd to reserve your space. Some of these retreats fill up, so if you would like to attend, we recommend that you sign up early. Patty@WellBeingCC.org or phone at 423-626-9000. Patty will send details of cooking responsibilities by email no later than Monday September 3rd.