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Creation's Way

Save the Date: March  25 - 28, 2019

A three-night retreat with Rahkwees Keh, an elder of the Tuscarora Nation, and Jon Patton

The tender feeling for the wellbeing of the life, of her new born baby, is from the spirit and heart of the Mother.

The tender feeling for the wellbeing of the life, of his new born baby, is from the spirit and heart of the Father.

Do I have this tender feeling for the wellbeing of my life?

Does this feeling support me in all aspects of my life?

Many of us have very little time for the important things of life, like having good healthy relationships with people, our loved ones, inner peace and enjoying the majesty of the earth and nature around us. 


To combat the hurry sickness and the feeling of being on a constant treadmill; it is important to take time to experience and realize the goodness of your inner being and spirit.    


Reclaim the most positive strong energy throughout the layers of your being.  Open your physical and energetic body to accelerate the evolution of your spirit.  At the workshop you will experience what your energy feels like to other people and how our energy changes when we are open, clear and free.


Come join us and learn how to expand your sensory wisdom of your own energy layers while deepening your feeling sensation/understanding of what it takes to work within another’s energy field in support of health and wellness.   

Join Us in New Tazewell, Tennessee

Creation’s Way

The workshop starts at 4pm on March 25th

We finish at 12pm on March 28, 2019

REGISTRATION: Please register first with Laura at 904-338-1565 or lheberlie@gmail.com for tuition. Cost is $975.00 for tuition, payable to Rahkwees Keh Miller -- plus room and board $290 -$430 depending on accommodations selected. 

ACCOMMODATIONS: After you have registered with Laura, make arrangements for Accommodations using the form below. Pricing is per person for the three-night event and includes lodging and all meals during the event. If you have any questions about lodging or facilities at Well being Retreat Center, please contact Patty@WellBeingCC.org or call her at 423-626-9000.

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