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Well Being Retreat Center - Event

Creation's Way

June 6 - 9, 2022

A three-day retreat with Rahkwees Keh, an elder of the Tuscarora Nation

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It’s easy to think that life right now is especially challenging. We know what’s happened since March 2020 and now there are economic head winds combined with the prospect for geopolitical conflict. All happening while we continue to experience extraordinary events in nature. It’s easy to miss that this also represents a huge opportunity as it reminds us to focus on one thing, the only thing we control, which is ourselves.  For those of you that are Matrix fans this is truly a red pill moment!!


Rahkwees Keh Miller is offering you the chance to grasp the opportunity through attending

Creations Way workshop beginning June 6th, at the beautiful Well Being Retreat Center in rural northeast Tennessee. As most of you know, Rahkwees Keh combines deep experience in helping people with the everyday challenges of corporate and personal life with having grown up and living in traditional Native American Ways. In fact, Rahkwees Keh has shared that the prophecies of many indigenous people foretold of today’s events. Rahkwees Keh is now being guided to share more ancient lessons with non-indigenous people.

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This is our life and our opportunity; we were born to this time so we can fully evolve, grow and share our unique contribution to humanity and mother earth. This is true for Rahkwees Keh and part of his contribution is creating this opportunity for people to rise to their challenge. 


We look forward to you joining us and other like-minded people for whom this message resonates.

This will be an empowering and transformative experience where you will experience exercises designed to: 

•    Renew and discover deeper levels of the spirit of your authentic self. This is our source of power which supports our successes and creates resilience to overcome obstacles. For many successful people this still represents untapped potential.  
•    Use this understanding to be able draw on your personal intuition in everyday life. This will allow you to experience less effort and more joy as you both accomplish your goals and make the right choices during this time of challenge.  
•    Achieve a clarity of purpose that allows you to be more grounded and balanced in life and enjoy rewarding and productive personal and professional relationships. 

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Join Us in Tazewell, Tennessee

Creation’s Way

The workshop starts with Check-in at 4 pm on Monday June 6, 2022

We finish at 12 pm Noon on Thursday June 9, 2022

TUITION: Please register first with Laura Heberlie for Tuition at 904-338-1565 or Tuition cost is $1,200, payable to Rahkwees Keh Miller. Or you can pay Rahkwees Keh directly at

ACCOMMODATIONS: After you have registered for Tuition, please make arrangements for Accommodations  using the form below. Pricing is per person for the three-night event and includes lodging, meals, coffee, teas and snacks during the event. Accommodations cost is $625 for private cabin lodging ($525 per person if you are a couple and are sharing a cabin). If you have any questions about lodging or facilities at Well being Retreat Center, please contact or call her at 423-626-9000.

Note: Due to the likelycontinued presence of Covid-19, all sessions and meals will be at the open-air Powell River Pavilion directly on the bank of the scenic Powell River. The Pavilion has ceiling fans and full service bathrooms are adjacent.

By arranging for Accommodations you agree to abide by Well Being's Accommodations Policies

and by Well Being's Covid-19 Policies

After you have "Previewed" your Registration form, scroll again to bottom of page to "Submit" your registration, and then make payment via PayPal.

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