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Reconnect back to yourself with this three night profoundly restorative retreat led by Corrine from the Ivy House. As we begin to move about in the world, now is the time to redefine what your life is going to look like. Will you go back into the busy, frenetic life you had before 2020 or are you ready to approach and in-joy life in a new way?


Co-founder of the Ivy House, Corrine Champigny specializes in helping people find balance through her unique and deeply restorative Awareness Yoga, Silent Meditation, Heart Opening Live Music and Mindful Living Conversations. 

NOTE: All sessions will be held and all meals will be served at the 1,800 square foot open-air Powell River Pavilion. All rooms will be single occupancy unless you have a friend or a partner that you choose to share a cabin with.

A Three-Night Retreat 

with Corrine Champigny

June 17 - 20, 2021

The retreat will begin with supper on Thursday June 17th and will end after lunch on Sunday June 20th.

Photo of Top of Hill at Well Being Retreat Center, Tazewell, TN

About the Retreat

Let’s take a deep dive inward shall we? Corrine will guide you to deeper dimensions inward using specific techniques, releasing and unwinding body and mind tensions. Enjoy silent and guided meditations, heart opening live music including chanting, divine food, practical mindfulness plus Corrine’s signature Awareness Yoga which calms the nervous system and is profoundly healing for mind, body and soul. Uncover blocks, fears and old beliefs that may no longer be applicable to your well-being or just join us for a deep rest and reset. 

The retreat will begin with check-in after 3 pm on Thursday June 17th and end after lunch around 2 pm on Sunday June 20th, 2021.

Cabins at Well Being Retreat Center are comfortable. Cabins will be limited to one person per cabin except for couples. Consenting cabin mates can share a two bedroom cabin. The open-air Powell River Pavilion is where all of the meals and scheduled events will be held. (The Conference Building will not be available for this retreat.)

Meals will be vegetarian and will be almost entirely gluten-free, mostly organic with lots of freshly prepared ingredients. The Cabins (but not the Cabinettes) have kitchenettes if you have special food needs to allow you to prepare your own supplementary food. 

Detailed information about the lodging facilities can be found HERE.

About Corrine

Trained by Deepak Chopra, Saul David Raye and Rama Berch (aka Swami Nirmalananda), Corrine has over thirty years experience in the healing arts and is known as the stress relief guru to the stars of Nashville. Specializing in helping people find balance in their lives through yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Corrine co-founded The Ivy House in Nashville in 2011 as a community gathering space for like-minded individuals. She has a passion for helping people find balance in their lives.


In 1991 Corrine served as the president to the Transcendental Meditation Siddhi Program and in 1997 she founded The House of Bliss in Nashville, Tennessee, a center which offered music, meditation, yoga, and mind/body healing. She later developed and headed up the Chopra Center Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga program, known as Chopra Yoga.


As the co-founder of Global Watch Foundation, Corrine is the Mommy of 33 orphaned children in South India where she and former partner Sathyan Gopalan operate a Children’s Home. Corrine’s life is one of service as she connects with her heart and offers hope and inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with.



Register directly with Well Being Retreat Center for Tuition and Accommodations (meals & lodging) at the rates: shown below. Detailed Well Being Retreat Center policies are here for COVID-19 and for Accommodations.

Detailed information about lodging options can be found HERE.

Contact Patty@WellBeingCC.org or at 423-626-9000 if you have questions about facilities or accommodations. 

Contact Corrine at corrinechampigny@mac.com or 615-964-7955 if you have any questions about the program.

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