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Family Constellation Workshop

with Nick Werber

May 22 - 24, 2020


Immerse yourself in a deeply healing and memorable spring Family Constellations retreat. This weekend workshop offers a powerful journey into an often overlooked and misunderstood aspect of the human experience: the effect family and family history can have on your present-day life.

Using Family Constellations, a profound healing process, we’ll uncover how often seemingly personal struggles aren’t so personal after all. By broadening the perspective and taking a more holistic approach, you will get to work with the many ways recurrent issues within romantic partnership, money, mental or physical health, personal boundaries, family, and more are often logical outcomes of the context and history that came before you.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – C.G. Jung

Are you someone who senses that your connection to your family of origin or the circumstances you experienced in childhood are affecting close relationships, your career or your mental or physical wellbeing? Do you feel you carry a pit of shame or unworthiness around no matter where you go? Are you aware that there was infidelity or secrets in your family and that these dynamics are appearing in your life today? Does it feel like you’re carrying around an inner-child that never seems to receive the nurturing and safety it keeps asking for?

Over the course of this retreat, we’ll shine a spotlight on these dynamics in a unique group setting to support you to heal, end the disruptive cycles, and rewrite the script for your life. 

This retreat is right for you if you connect with one or more of the following…

●    You want to experience a healing retreat that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before
●    You’re someone who knows your story backwards and forwards but somehow you’re still feeling mysteriously stuck
●    You have a sense that your upbringing or the relationship you have to your family is a contributing factor to the barriers you’re witnessing today
●    You’re looking for a reason to get away, be in nature, and feel deeply restored by a retreat
●    You want to show up as your authentic self and make new friends in a safe and supportive environment

Why Family?

Family Constellations is supported by two decades of epigenetic research which has repeatedly shown that what

your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents experienced in life has a significant impact on how you move and act in the world today. By working directly with the bonds you have to your family and the experiences of past generations, you’re given an extraordinary opportunity to create healing and change at a root level.

What Happens in the Retreat?

Family Constellations is an eyes-open, experiential approach, in which fellow participants will be asked to stand and represent relevant aspects of your life. Depending on the blocks you’re experiencing, representatives may be chosen for specific family members, your partner, a boss, an ex, or other entities in your life. As these individuals stand in representation, they will be gently guided to tap into an awareness that allows them to become a mirror that reflects back the dynamics you’re exploring. 

At first, the accuracy of these maps or constellations may be surprising. But as we progress through the weekend, we’ll go beyond creating visual representations and move towards how you can free yourself from the barriers that are preventing you from creating a life that’s aligned with your larger intentions.

In addition to the Constellations work and various exercises to support you and your personal intentions, included in this experience will be time set aside to simply enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of the retreat center grounds. 

Some of the Intentions of This Retreat:

●    Engage in a process of connecting with consciousness awareness that is beyond the ordinary
●    Rewrite the script that pulls you toward recreating echoes of the past in your present day life
●    Offer practical steps to move forward and make meaningful shifts in your life outside of the retreat
●    Create a healing container in nature that expands each participant in a manner that supports them for many months to come
●    Enjoy healthy and lovingly prepared food from Well Being Retreat Center’s chefs
●    Connect with like-minded individuals and build beautiful new friendships

Testimonials for Family Constellations with Nick Werber:

"This was an invaluable experience - very intuitive and direct. Like many months of therapy, if not years, rolled into a few hours, that bring about a profound shift and healing." - Vlada T.

"I believe this was the one thing missing in my self-help journey. I have been feeling better than I have in a long time - clear, strong and focused." - Elaine B.

“The work I did with Nick was wildly transformative for me. He holds space like I’ve never seen in anyone I’ve ever worked with. And I’ve seen a lot of people on my journey.” – Jocelyn R.

"That was really a very powerful session for me. My partner has told me at least three times that he sees a difference in my presence/energy - as if a big weight has been lifted or something large has been released." -Brian M.

Visit Nick's Website at: www.NickNWerber.com


Check-in for the weekend will be after 3:00 pm on Friday May 22, 2020 with supper at 6 pm. The retreat will end after lunch on Sunday May 24, 2020.

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